Bespoke 121 Consults

We offer a range of services & packages specifically designed to achieve effective
long lasting results. No one dog is the same, so we work with the dog and
human in front of us.

Our role as behaviour, care & training consultants is to help & support you and your dog live your best life together and reduce unwanted behaviours, sensitivities & stresses.

Our ethos comes from a place of non-judgement, kindness & understanding. We aim to understand and treat the underlying emotions causing the behaviour; alongside empowering you & your dog to cope in real-life day to day situations and challenges.

Classes aren’t always the right fit for dogs and/or humans. We therefore offer our everyday training services on a one to one basis too.

“We are doing great. Had visitors staying this weekend &used the tips you gave us,
it took time but she gradually got to know them and was comfortable around them. I’m just so glad there are people like you around to help give these troubled rescue dogs a chance xx.”
Lynne & Lois

Our 121’s cover:

Let’s help build a better human-canine relationship together

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