About us


I’m Fiona Duffy (Fi), Director & Behaviour, Care & Training Consultant at Scottish Canine Wellness. After many years in the corporate world of communications & marketing, I decided to follow my true passion – animals (and in particular dogs!). I share my home with our wonderful dogs who are my teachers and one very chilled cat.
I started my canine behaviour journey in 2013 studying with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). Since then I’ve gone on to studying with Animal Centred Education (ACE), INTOdogs, Pet Professional Guild, PPN, Compass and many more.
I’m currently studying Zoo Pharmacognosy, Pet Bereavement, ACE Module 3 & School of Canine Science Behaviour Bible. I love learning and I’m passionate about keeping up to date with the latest behavioural advances, science and ideas in the canine world… All with the aim of passing my knowledge on to help my clients nurture and achieve their best life with their dog/s.
My teaching always comes from a place of kindness, non-judgement and understanding for my human and canine client.
I am blessed with a professional & dedicated team who share my thirst for knowledge and passion for animals.
Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss any concerns you are experiencing with your canine friend. I look forward to working with you.